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rather, “what is a successful photo?” of course, it is not enough to say “it is beautiful your photo” or “superb” in my eyes, it does not bring much about view of reading a photo.
however, this is a difficult subject to address. define a successful photo, it remains subjective, tastes and colors …
In short. Even the author of the photo will not be able to give an opinion, being too close to his image, this will not be objective.
So, I’m going to give my way of seeing and reading a photo to give a constructive opinion of what a photo brings me when I read it and therefore, I do this based on criteria that I put into practice when I look at a picture. it is training and it takes some practice.

But it also brings something very positive, both for the author and for the one who reviews it.
But I insist that this is only my opinion and my way of doing things.
therefore, it will be soon and on video as much as possible, because it is not obvious to me and it will not be until my return from Florida.